Had another wacky ass dream.

So I went to this building for seemingly a gig as a background actress in a movie, and I checked in and everything, and sat down. A moment later, everyone else seemed to have gone outside, so I got up, went out the back door, and saw that yes, people were outside on the lawn, further down the way and gathered together in a group.

There was a guy closer to the door, and I asked him what was going on. He said nothing other than shrugging his shoulders, and he came inside. I looked outside and people were walking back to the building, which was more like a house.

As I cime back in, I notice a picture of a woman with Benedict Cumberbatch. In my head, I’m thinking of how lucky she is, and at that moment, after said woman comes into the house, I look up and Benedict is standing a foot or so away fromt he door, talking to the woman who told me to sign in earlier. Benedict then comes in, sees me and says hello, and start to remove his coat. The woman he talked to outside comes in and I mouth to her, “ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

She says nothing, and moments pass. The woman that was in the photo and came in before Benedict goes up to him and gives him a tight hug, and he returns the embrace, and once she walks away, he greets himself, and we shake hands. He then mentions something about catiness in the actig business, and I reply with, “Oh, I’ve relatively new to this whole thing.”

"I envy you," he replies. His voice and his appearance is as clear as day.

The room looked like a large bedroom, but either the room has changed into a dance studio, or maybe the room is just really big and they moved the furniture around without me noticing. Then Benedict and the others are now wearing these long cloths that resemble skirts, wrapped around their waists and the edge of the fabric stopping at their ankles. Someone turns on music, and beendict starts dancing, shaking his bon-bon, and I start giggling, because it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 

(BTW I may have seen Cumberbuddy in this dream, for there was a girl dancing next to him that closely resembled her; not trying to be creepy, but I’ve seen pictures of her here and there, so my brain has processed what she looks like).

The dance is over, and I applaud everyone, and I’m so happy I don’t want the dream to end, but, sadly, that’s when I wake up.

I believe that was some kind of comfort dream, considering I went through something yesterday I’d rather not talk about (it’s not horrible, but something I need not alarm other people with, for it will be handled properly). I could see him as clear as day, hear his voice in the exact way I remember hearing it either in interviews or from the PBS event last May, as if I’d been seeing him in person every day (thanks to Tumblr, that’s possible). 

It just sucks that it WASN’T REAL, but I need not complain, since that’s probably the closest I’ll even get to him. Good times.

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